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Does anyone remember this 12 year old little WHITE girl who was murdered by two BLACK kids? She was lured to one house so they could steal her bike. Her body was stuffed in a trash can by the two boys. No? Don’t remember? Probably never heard of it to begin with? That’s because it was never marked as a hate crime because she was white. The president didn’t make a personal call to her family to apologize for what happened. Celebrities didn’t give a shit. One of the kids got released with only six months served.

Tell me again that this country isn’t fucking biased.

Shut the fuck up and cry more you dumb bitch


Omg your argument is so valid! Thanks so much! I have seen the error of my ways, you’ve made me see the light! Thanks you sweet angel, for proving over and over again how ignorant this site can be!

Hun. We could give you a bunch of reasons why you need to stop comparing black people’s murdere to white people. But you wouldn’t care.



Translation: OP can only have sympathy for a white victim. But check this shit out though!

Okay please explain to me how this isn’t considered a hate crime yet every single thing that ever happens to a non-white person, is….?

You just said they lured her so they could steal her bike… in this case, she had something they wanted. You also probably didn’t go to that link, which should’ve given you huge perspective.You ASSUME it was a hate crime, and admitted that they didn’t say it was, and had no proof of it. And if I’m not mistaken, this story made national news, really fast. Let’s be real on something though: Racism, was created by who? white people. And why would such a thing even be? Because believe it or not, racism, is a benefit. Racism is power. Racism is taught, internalized, and perpetrated to keep white people up and non-white people down. Let’s be even realer: many white people, the problematic ones, in America go about racism in three ways: either choose to ignore it and not talk to their children because they believe ignorance is the solution rather than educating themselves, subconsciously exposing themselves and their children to internalized racism with racially prejudiced ideals and biases, or are the legit KKK, Neo-nazi Confederate flag enthusiasts.Subtle racism is more common these days. Have you seen that viral YouTube video titled “Diet Racism”? Really interesting, but just in case you haven’t: 

But you can’t sit here and try to say black and white people share the same struggle. That the media covers our murder or crimes/shortcomings in the same fashion. What this story and the others like Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Sean Bell, John Crawford, Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, the list goes far on, don’t have in common is that with this girl, she was missing for days anayway! Police had no idea who the suspects were for days. A full on investigation was set in place for this girl, immediately, and when found the suspects were apprehended immediately. 

With the black victims, not only were most of them murdered by police, but it took outrage and alarm from the public for them to even begin an investigation! If there was no outcry, who’s telling if anyone would’ve known or not. Plus, with every single one of the murders of unarmed black people, the police knew exactly who the suspects were and did nothing!!! Most of the time because the police did it! No money or fundraisers were given to the murderers of Autumn, thousands of people weren’t trying to justify her murder. Scandalous or controversial pictures of her were not displayed in the news to tarnish her reputation.

Since the beginning of America’s transformation black people have literally been treated like less than dogs! Motherfuckers never loved us! So for you to say this country’s biased as fuck, you’re absolutely right about that, because it was initially created for the greater good of who? WHITE PEOPLE! Don’t you fuckin dare try to compare this story with what racist, sick, inhumane genocide has been going on since Europeans set foot on this soil! DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME THAT RACIAL INEQUALITY DOESN’T EXIST, BECAUSE THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU TRIED TO SAY WITH THIS POST! DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME BLACK PEOPLE THAT KILL WHITE PEOPLE ARE GIVEN A PASS AND A PAT ON THE BACK, OR DON’T SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES! SO SO MANY LINKS ON THE INTERNET, ON TUMBLR ALONE THAT PROVES YOU WRONG BUT NAH, WHITE PEOPLE ARE BEING SLAUGHTERED BY THE DOZENS OUT OF RACISM AND NOBODY CARES HUH??? WHITE PEOPLE GETTING KILLED FOR NOTHING AND PEOPLE ARE PAINTING THE DECEASED AS CRIMINALS AND JUSTIFYING THEIR MURDERS HUH? POLICE ARE SWEEPING THEM RIGHT UNDER THE RUG HUH??? GET TF OUT OF HERE WITH THIS IGNORANCE! 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ AHHH SHEETTTT YASS

"lured her too a house so they could steal her bike"

"its a hate crime"

how u gonna kill your own argument so quick like fuck outta here becky

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